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Cook & Hack

Cook & Hack

Faber Spa (www.faberspa.com) is the second world wide cooker hoods manufacturer, it designs and produces 4 million pieces per year.
Our project is a special cooker hood with an exclusive design which, beyond the traditional functions and commands, is also equipped with a compatible Arduino interface. This additional module, that is a Genuino 101, will be connected on one side to our hood's electronic board and, on the other side, to a series of additional modules:
- temperature sensor;
- air quality sensor;
- humidity sensor;
- wifi connection;
- lightning control;
- monitor;
- completely new sensors on which we will work on.

A Genuino program library will also be made available in order to guarantee the control of all our modules in a very simple way, while complying all the security parameters required by the current regulations.
Thanks to this project, it will be available to all geeks a development platform for kitchen, to create a plenty new Apps.

In other words...we want to create the first platform for technological creativity in the kitchen!

Cook & Hack


Inside the Faber Spa Company was spontaneously formed the so called "FabLab", renamed for this event in FaberLab in which our people go through new ideas. This project was conceived precisely inside this group and carried out by 6 young engineers: Simone Celli, Ilaria Astolfi, Chiara Mariani, David Caracini, Erico Erba, Alessandro Donnino.

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