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Artificial solar structure that looks like a sculptural tree, Energytree can be used for street lightening, video surveillance and other services that can be telemanaged in public and private areas. Photovoltaic pole coated in synthetic green to look like a tree.

Storage batteries and electronic control are integrated and invisible, within the structure. You can put up to 4 batteries for greater autonomy. It is suitable for off grid systems, e.g. led lighting, cameras, radio links, wi–fi repeaters, with possibility of remote control.

Energytree can be part of any context (urban and suburban), it can be installed in areas with particular bounds as for the landscape, at the sides of a cycle path or in a public park, in the nature or in a big city.
Thanks to its mimicry it blends perfectly into any landscape .

European patent for the utility model.



I am 34 years, I live in Pedrengo (Bergamo), I’m married and I’m a father.
I’ve been working as electrician for ten years, for civil and industrial automation, air conditioning and solar.
I’m determined and curious and I love manual activities so I’m often working on projects not related to my job, too.
Energytree is a project born in the warehouse: one evening I started to assemble different pieces to create the "solar tree".
I have shown this project in several events, arousing a great interest from people working in this field.
I support the project alone, also in terms of investment so the path to success won’t be that easy and quick.
I aim at the european market, and hope to collaborate with someone who believes in the project.
I’m in the business incubator of Bergamo.
I love to work, I listen to music, I’ve learned to play the piano by myself and I often attend several training courses on PNL and communication. I am part of a voluntary association.

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