Exhibitors 2017

"Cycla" pedali in acqua a domicilio

The Cycla is a handmade wooden device with a sleek design that allows you to pedal into the water while sitting comfortably on the couch even for those with limited mobility and is forced out of a wheelchair. It is an excellent moisturizing particularly agreeable to everyone and is an efficient and pleasant to deflate the ankles, it is also useful to relieve fatigue in the legs of pregnant women or those who work on your feet all day

Lisi Laura e Emiliano Dambrosi

Laura Lisi and Emiliano Dambrosi have been married since 2000 have designed and built by hand the Cycla with the help of their 2 sons and their friends. They managed to design and build the Cycla driven by the desire to improve the lives of others thanks to the craftsmanship of Emiliano and creativity of Laura

  D41 (pav. 6)
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