Exhibitors 2017

Category "Move"

Luca Gentilini
Don't you want to find the cold car? Use my stand-alone, battery powered, cellphone controlled heating appliance.

Robotic Thunder
ALBATROS, the versatile SmartPlane. Take-off and landing of a quadricopter, flight time of an airplane.

Lorenzo Di Donato, Andrea Pompili
The DaVinci Drone Emergency System will bring the UAV world in the next level of safety. On land or water, your UAV is safe with us!!
  B12 (pav. 5)

Robotic Thunder
Bushi, small in transport great in functionality
  C2 (pav. 5)

Vito Lopriore, Gabriele Mastrapasqua, Carlo Gigliotti, Paolo Maggiore, Riccardo Capuani, Luciano De Propris, Daniele Ciciani, Giulio Nonne
When passenger safety becomes value for stations, railways and airports ...
  A4 (pav. 5)

Giacomo De Lazzari, Cristian Marchetto, Damiano Tessaro e Mirco Zenere
Autonomous, solar-charged drones that enhance the way we can deal with wild fires, reducing response time and optimizing resources.

SpazioFuturo S.r.l.
European aviation meteo forecast for pilots for flight planning purpose and real time meteo data updating in flight through satellite link
  C1 (pav. 5)

Matteo Sacchetti
It is a sensorial glove used to control electronic devices like drones and anything else.
  B14 (pav. 5)

WASP displays the whole production cycle of an architectural element, using the additive fabrication of recycled plastics and concrete mortars.
  A15 (pav. 5)

Compassion Italia Onlus
La povertà è una bugia che parla al cuore dei bambini, insinuando che nessuno si preoccupa di loro. Li deruba dei loro sogni e distrugge le loro vite, costrin …
  C4 (pav. 5)

Robotic Thunder
Megadron, the hexacopter for professional shooting.
  C2 (pav. 5)

Enrico Pucci, Claudia Pucci, Elena Pucci
Arduino-gps motorbike chain oiler. Manage your Oiler by the MOTOIL App. Extend the chian life oiling only when needed.

Emiliano Gatti, Carmine Paciolla, Aurelio Talamo
NoiDroni represents a path didactic to the discovery of the world of drones, what they are used for, where they are used, what is the rule for private and public use. Involving and spreading knowledge about this type of vehicle represents a possible transport solution for the foreseeable future, so we have created simple and open light classes! Small and adults, come and discover our creations!

The Paper Airplane Guy
Make and fly the best plane in the world for distance.

Fabio Mereu
Playmoove is the MaaS Platform of mobility, the easy way to create their personalized Car, bike sharing and transportation company with one click.

Cesare Bianchi, GH srl
Every municipality now can have a complete Sustainable Mobility suite: know when the bus arrives with a precision of 95%!

Rondine Motor
The Rondine Motor motorcycles are manufactured with our Italian style and high technology. We are an expert in sustainable mobility.

Scuter has developed a vertically integrated urban mobility service, basing on a revolutionary electric scooter developed in house, to overcome and satisfy widespread fast and clean commuting demand in cities.

Vega Electronics & Next Adv
Smartphoners is the only community in the world that rewards whoever drive responsibly, without using the mobile phone and respecting speed limits.

Alessandro Lauriola, Ellen Belardi
Greenpeace accompanies you in a tridimensional exploration to discover the Arctic lands! Become a Planet protector today!

Paolo Mirabelli
House of drones will host FPV Racing DEMO and baptisms in fpv for young people, there will also be workshops of SAPR
  House of Drones
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