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Robot band music
Robot band music

Robot band music

Our Robotic Band, composed by guitar, drum, musical keyboard and electric bass robots, can perform any musical track. It’s composed by microcontrollers (Arduino and Microchip PIC) programmed whit music only limited by the available memory. Microcontrollers command step motors, actuators, servomotors driving mechanical parts created on purpose. The command system is carried out by an app programmed by students whom learned to plan, simulate and create automatic systems. It’s an open system: its hardware and software can be changed and improved. Pupils participated at the project with interest, passion and joy, learning to plan, simulate and create industrial automatic systems.

Robot band music

Istituto Tecnico per il settore Tecnologico "G. Marconi" classi 4° e 5° elettrotecnica-elettronica

Prof. Ing. felice Montanaro; Prof.Giuseppe Varanese
class 4 & 5 electrotecnics-electronics - Technical insitute.

  C19 (pav. 4) - ITST G. Marconi - Campobasso

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