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L’artigianato digitale a scuola
L’artigianato digitale a scuola

L’artigianato digitale a scuola

“Maker-lab at school” is a portable maker laboratory equipped with the essential instruments needed for quick prototyping. It is designed for the middle and high school with the aim of letting the students meet with the DIY culture and the experimental sciences.
The project is particularly suited for those school that have insufficient space or are unable to develop a maker space on their own. Through this lab, teachers and students can gain access to a wide catalogue of didactical instruments and the instructions for their realization and educational use.

L’artigianato digitale a scuola

Zendri Giuliano, Rosi Tommaso, Formilan Giovanni, Serafini Sebastiano

Giuliano Zendri, PhD in physics and during his study he researched in the field of science communication. He also worked in the “Museo dell’Aeronautica Gianni Caproni” as science mediator. In the last year he founded with two colleagues a start up with the aim of designing and realizing science laboratories and instruments for schools.

Tommaso Rosi is a PhD student working at the Laboratory of Physical Science Communication of the University of Trento. His main research interest is the use of new technologies in physics education. In particular, he develops and distributes educational software and he publishes in the main international journals about his area of research.

Giovanni Formilan, Ph.D., is a post-doctoral research fellow in General Management. To date, his research interests encompass the socio-economic processes of legitimacy and reception of innovation in cultural fields, and the evolution of identity and performance of the involved actors. He has been visiting fellow at the Department of Sociology of the Columbia University, and currently works with researchers and research groups at the international level.

Sebastiano Serafini is an industrial engineering student at Trento University. He is an electronics and DIY enthusiast. He has been developing prototypes for a number of years that he publishes on his website and YouTube channel, where he's known as “SebaSera”.
He is self taught and his curiosity and eagness to learn allows him to expand his knowledge in the field of engineering.

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