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SaberLED: in una galassia non troppo lontana...
SaberLED: in una galassia non troppo lontana...

SaberLED: in una galassia non troppo lontana...

Ever dreamt being a Jedi? Be it Luke, Anakin, Rey or Dart Vader, it doesn't matter because all that counts is the lightsaber you wished to swing in your opponent face and that's what SaberLED aims to: bringing to you that dream through its light and sound effects.
We didn't manage to make it a true LASER sword (for now!), but if you are a true Jedi you will want to learn how to build your own SaberLED!

SaberLED: in una galassia non troppo lontana...

Roberto Lo Giacco, Alessandro Surian, Annamaria Marini, Rosario Tedesco, Alberto De Nichilo, Toni Scotti

Roberto Lo Giacco: Agilist, Software Developer, Open Source enthusiast and Hobbist Maker, with some Jedi powers.
Born as a software developer, has met the first personal computer at the age of 5: just for gaming, but it didn't take much before the curiosity brought him into programming. The god-like power of commanding something and seeing it executed has been often frustrated by crashes and failures, but that didn't pull him out. Later on, he fell in love with the open source world thankfully to GNU/Linux: a mysterious, CLI based world where you had to compile your own operating system? That's a programmer's heaven! He runs his own startup for a few years but then decided it was time for a different experience: agile and behaviour driven development was the turnaround, showing him what could lie beyond the curtain of project management and contract base relationships.
Electronics, microcontrollers and making stuff, in general, is just a hobby, but a very nerdish one!

Alessandro Surian: 61 years and fresh like a lettuce... When I was 9 my favorite toy was "Meccano" and at 12 I asked for an electric drill, instead of a guitar, as birthday gift... At 14 I built my first radio. From there started my adventure into electronics, mostly oriented to radio comm. My main interest is toward "self made " rather than to use what's available.
My experiences include commmunication and measures in fields varying from optic fibers, microwaves, short waves, audio waves to sub-audio waves (geophisic analisys). I've always been curious and I still am... it's curiousity that drives us to look further, study, try and build new things, at least new to us!

Annamaria Marini: born in Rome, 49 years old, 3 children. After a start in foreign languages, during the Italian IT boom, she gets into "different" languages and becomes a software developer at 19 yo.
During her various work experiences, she gets into different roles, from Software Analyst to IT Manager going through DB Administrator, Data Analyst, Process Manager and develops a passion for problem-solving.
It's this last aspect driving her to a continuous search for "solutions" in every aspect of day to day life: because of this and her lack of handicraft she defines herself as "Idea Maker", which are then collected and developed by other makers!

Rosario Tedesco: software developer for passion, IT consultant for a living. He studied Computer Science at the University of Salerno and has many hobbies: computer, music, sports, comics and cinema. Always fascinated by technology but above all on "how is it done" and "how does it work".

Alberto De Nichilo: ever attracted by new technologies, starts his path studying 3D animation as soon as high school graded. He then moves to Visual Basic programming, falls in love with automation and starts exploring the web design world. Learns various languages and opens his own business focused on websites and custom tools. Searching for new markets he finds Arduino, drones and 3D printing, a hobby rather than a business for now.

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