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Electronic Nose

Electronic Nose

Electronic Nose Device is a wearable device for workers that operate in unhealthy work environments such as Coating Plants
The main purpose of Electronic Nose Device is to provide continuous monitoring of indoor air quality – in particular, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and carbon dioxide -, to give real-time feedback to operators on the level of contaminants monitored, to provide an adequate protection in case of necessity.
Electronic Nose Device consists of an electronic device equipped with sensors capable of providing air quality data over time.


Electronic Nose

Prof. Venere Ferraro

Venere Ferraro is Ph.D. in Industrial Design.
She is Assistant Professor at the Design Department. She teaches “Design Methods and Tools for Product and Interaction Design” at the Master Degree in Design& Engineering at the School of Design of Politecnico di Milano.
She has been Visiting Researcher at University of New South Wales of Sydney (2006) and at Media Lab of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2009) where she run researches on Wearable Systems with the lens on design-driven and user-oriented approaches.
She is Member of the Experience and Interaction Design Research Lab. Her main research activity is identified according to two main areas: Wearable Technologies, where she explores a transformation according to the design-driven approach based on human being and his body in contrast with the technology –driven approach generally used in this field; Interaction Design where the research is built on the definition of product experience and the role of technology in human-machine interaction.
She participated at several International and National researches and she is currently Coordinator of the research project POD: Plurisensorial Device to prevent occupational disease, which has recently received funding from the European Union. (SAF€RA 2014 joint call). She's author of several international publications, and she holds National and European Patents and models.

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