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DeltaSat Project
DeltaSat Project

DeltaSat Project

The deltasat project consists of a stratospheric probe capable of reaching the stratosphere as it is attached to a hydrogen filled balloon. The probe, arrived at the stratospheric height predicted, will be able to begin a controlled descent toward a predetermined destination, by moving two servo controlled aids, orienting themselves with a gps module; this, and the real-time transmission of on-board sensor data and images, are the peculiarities that make our project innovative and above all a feature of stratospheric exploration.

DeltaSat Project

Ludovico Gabrielli, Federica Piccardi, Stefano Di Pasquale

I'm Ludovico Gabrielli, I'm 19 and I have just graduated at the Computer Science Institute, and now I'm attending computer engineering.
Since I was little, I was a fan of the Star Trek series and maybe it's the main cause of my interest in science and exploration, being a Scout for many years.
I have always had a passion for technology, research, and space, but also for nature, living in the countryside. Also I am very creative, in fact my main hiobby is to design and create.
For now, the DeltaSat project is the culmination in implementing my skills and my passions.

I'm Federica Piccardi and I'm 19 years old. In my life I have developed, through my great curiosity, so many passions like singing, dancing and graphics; Nevertheless, my greatest passion is technology, especially computer science, transmitted by my father since I was little. I graduated from the Computer Science Institute and now attend the first year of Computer Engineering. The DeltaSat project for me is the beginning of one of my most important adventures, because it is the first project I worked with in a team and where I was able to get myself into the game, revealing all of my skills and my interests.

I'm Stefano Di Pasquale and I'm 21 years old.
Left by my father in front of a computer since the age of four, I have been passionate about computer science since I was living in the glory of small forums and small communities in the early 2000's. I graduated from a technical school computer and then I continued my studies at universities, where I am currently enrolled in computer science.
I have a particularly rational mind and, thanks to this, in my life, I have developed hobby interests in many subjects, from math to physics, from music to politics, from philosophy to literature. The Deltasat project for me is one of my most important creations, as well as the first serious collaboration in a team.
In the future I will be able to overcome again, also thanks to the experience I have acquired with this project.

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