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ALBATROS, the best SmartPlane
ALBATROS, the best SmartPlane

ALBATROS, the best SmartPlane

ALBATROS, the best SmartPlane. Thanks to the fusion of two technologies we have created a DRONE capable of landing and taking off vertically but moving horizontally as a common airplane. This allows infinite versatility, the convenience of being able to take off / land even in confined spaces and an exorbitant flight time. At present, thanks to ALBATROS, we are studying systems for the transport of defibrillators and / or medical equipment in remote and unobtrusive areas, and thanks to its versatility it will also be used in the geological field to carry out territorial surveys.

ALBATROS, the best SmartPlane

Robotic Thunder

Robotic Thunder is a group founded by four guys specializing in different fields that they share the passion for the technology and the modeling. It's composed by:
Luciano Rocca, graduated student in geology passionate about airplane modeling
Simone Della Libera, expert drones designer
Federica De Petris, expert nurse in emergency of the territory
Beatrice Di Stefano, graduated student in geology in remote sensing and GIS

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