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Movit - sistema indossabile per la valutazione dell'ergonomia

Captiks designs and develops wearable systems for motion measurement.
The main Captiks product is the Movit System G1, a wireless, easy-to-use system for measuring and analyzing movements.
Captiks has created a specific application for evaluating workplace ergonomics.
Through the use of the system, an operator can perform their own work cycle and measure the ergonomic index of their workstation automatically.
It is possible to design or redesign the workstation based on a preliminary simulation or based on a posteriori objective measurement.

Movit - sistema indossabile per la valutazione dell'ergonomia


Captiks designs and develops innovative system for motion capture and motion analisys. By using wearable sensors without external structures the Captiks System can measure kinematics in real time. The inertial devices Movit, wireless and miniature, can work with every kind of light and enviromental conditions. Captiks technology can be used in several application fields as Medical, Rehab, Sport, Postural Analysis, telecare, Ambient Assisted Living, ergonomics, motion capture, 3D content, remote monitoring, customer experience and other industrial applications. The Software solutions are customizable, flexible and expandable.
Motion Tracking Captiks devices are designed to meet the needs of the final users. All our products are develop to be intuitive and easy to use.
Captiks mission is to change the way people interact with machines. Its challenge is to build new technologies and products more and more innovative and useful. The aim of Captiks is to help people and companies to work better, to do new things and to reach new and more exciting goals.

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