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Purpose of the project:
Realize an artificial intelligence robot (exploiting ChatBot-WEB-Internet services) that can determine the presence of injured or people who need help in places that are subject to natural disasters.
A robot has already been modified by our guys for the 2016 Olympics of Robotics, it has been implemented with a crawler body to make it move on rough terrain. They will use Microsoft's Cognitive Service to ensure that they "understand" everything they see through their camera and thus determine the presence of people in difficulty or bodies to recover under the rubble. The robot is able to talk to the human user individually.
Nowadays robots (made by various universities) to be used in earthquake areas are always remote controlled robots, but ours truly autonomously and is able to call for help to a remote user if it causes difficulties. The boys used EZ servomotors and EZBuilder programming board. The programming was done with scratch and c ++ for the robot, while visual recognition services with C # were implemented.
The robot in the prototype stage has been tested in some primary and middle school classes in the province of Biella to test their interaction with children.
The services used are: PandoraBot (for AI), Microsoft Cognitive Service (to "comprehend" everything you see even without programming), EZBuilder as IDE for Robot Programming, Visual Studio 2015 to connect services.


Terza classe del corso IPSIA dell'IIS Gae Aulenti

We are a group of students of the third class of the professional course from IIS Gae Aulenti of Biella. We are keen on Electronics and Coding and we have already participated in several robotic competitions where we were placed at the Final of Robotics Olympics 2016 and 2017, held in Rome and Milan and we were to the competition Nao Challenge 2016 and 2017. We decided to apply the technology to protect individuals because we think new technologies have used for support people in their life.

  D17 (pav. 4) - IIS G. Aulenti - Biella

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