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The role of Social Media in the psychological and social development of adolescents is increasingly important as it impacts on their interpersonal communication dynamics.
The InsideOut project explores the possibility to use Social Web mining methodologies and technologies to collect information about adolescents’ distress from their micro-blogging activities.
The InsideOut Web platform has been implemented to collect messages written by communities of adolescents and automatically enrich them with semantic information reflecting discussed topics and corresponding attitudes of writers.



I principali partecipanti e finanziatori del progetto sono 3 importanti poli Universitari Europei, l’Università di Berna, e le Università di Roma La Sapienza tramite il Dipartimento di Neurologia e Psichiatria, e l’Università degli Studi di Roma To

Roberto Basili is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Roma, Tor Vergata, since May 2003. His research started in 1990 on problems, methodologies and technologies of Artificial Intelligence, in the area of Knowledge Representation, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing as well as in the Engineering of Distributed and Web-oriented Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval Systems. Roberto Basili founded and coordinates SAG (http://sag.art.uniroma2.it). Mor details also at: https://scholar.google.it/citations?user=U1A22fYAAAAJ&hl=it.

  A9 (pav. 6) - Università degli Studi di Tor Vergata

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