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Roma Open Source Park

Roma Open Source Park

An Open Source Park, with furniture produced digitally at Fab Labs in Rome, Italy.
The fair presents two 1:1 prototypes of furniture pieces and 22 scale models, including full specs for their “bottom up” digital fabrication: nesting into plywood sheets and instructions for a “press-fit” assembly. The Open Source concept aims at a “bottom up” fabrication process for public parks, where community can participate to fabrication of parts, vandalized as well generate “open” forms, that allow for evolution and change over time, according to use evidence and promote, at the same time, its ambiguity.


Roma Open Source Park

Università Roma Tre - Dipartimento di Architettura con Devoto Arredamenti - Fab Lab Roma Makers Coordinamento progettuale: Prof. Stefano Converso, con Lorenzo Fei. Studenti: Aru-Belli, Balzano-Casale-Mattocci, Bartozzi, Bonucci-Dzoba, Castroni-Iachella

The project is a collective autorship based on the Design Studio held at Roma Tre School of Architecture called “Parametric Design”, lead by Prof. Stefano Converso
with Lorenzo Fei. The class has involved the collaboration of the “Complex Furniture” Digital Fabrication company Devoto and the Network “Fab Lab Roma Makers”

  A12 (pav. 6) - Università degli Studi Roma Tre

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