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Atropos: Stampante 3D antropomorfa per materiali compositi a fibra continua

Atropos makes possible the manufacturing of objects today unrealizable, with superior and tailored mechanical proprieties by employing composite materials.
Thanks to the innovative technology patented by a research group of the Politecnico di Milano, named CFCSM (Continuous Fiber Composite Materials Smart Manufacturing), the anthropomorphic 3D printer realizes shapes without using any mold, positioning and orienting the fibers in the best possible direction.
CFCSM utilizes composite materials made of a continuous fiber, like glass, carbon or Kevlar, with a thermosetting resin, for example epoxy, polyester or acrylic, modifying the combinations is possible to obtain different proprieties of the composite material.


Atropos: Stampante 3D antropomorfa per materiali compositi a fibra continua

+LAB TEAM (Prof.ssa Marinella Levi, Gabriele Natale, Michele Tonizzo)

+LAB is the 3D Printing Lab of Politecnico di Milano and it is located in "Giulio Natta" building, together with Chemistry, Material and Chemical Engineering Department "Giulio Natta" .
The laboratory is active since November 2013 when Marinella Levi and her collaborators started to employ engineers, designers, researchers and makers, to obtain a multidisciplinary approach to 3D printing in which teaching, research and design can melt together to develop towards material and technology innovation.
New fields of application are being studied at +LAB, paying special attention to social and ambient implications.
+LAB is naturally inclined to change and innovation, and this is why we put such effort in keeping up to date with the fast technology development that 3D printing is experiencing in these years.

  A6 (pav. 6) - Politecnico di Milano

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