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URC Universal Remote Controller
URC Universal Remote Controller

URC Universal Remote Controller

The Universal Remote Controller (URC) is a kind of glove in which are placed different types of sensors with an Arduino device. The URC lets us control, through a wireless signal, up to 5 axles ( drones, mechanical arms and service elevators etc...).
We can easily connect it to a PLC to carry out wireless functions and new implemented IT functions.
We will show a second prototype, realized by a 3D printer, ergonomically more comfortable and with a more precise control.

URC Universal Remote Controller

Classi terza quarta quinta manutentori elettrici elettronici dell'Ipsia G. Ceconi Gruppo "latuaideadimpresa" simulazione startup.

We are 10 students interested about electronic and electrotechincs. We also study robotics, PLC and industrial automation. We are very responsible and motivated students, and we have reached this objective thanks to teamwork.

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