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Skeym is the Gamified Assessments Platform for HR professionals. Allows you to create skills and attitudes analysis tools in a videogame format that is attractive to candidates and effective for positioning the most suitable person in the role they will have to play in the company. Skeym can measure up to 12 Attitudinal Components and 10 Soft Skills, overcoming the outdated and boring evaluation methodologies still in use. It is an immersive and entertaining experience that reveals the real inclinations and capabilities of the resource. During the game, people are at ease, act, open up and adopt solutions in a sincere and subjective way, without the risk of falsifying responses.


Salvatore Mica Alessandro Leone Gianmarco Pinto Danilo Catalano Alessandro Collesano

Salvatore Mica
Entrepreneur and gamification designer.
Creator of the blog GamefulSide and contributor for Gameifications.com.
Founder of E-Ludo Interactive and E-Ludo Lab in 2010, he oversees the game design and management of the “Employerland” project, a virtual city populated by companies like Unilever, P&G, Bosch, Golden Lady, Luxottica. Partner and author for “Neoludica”, an art exhibition at the 54th Venice Biennale. Speaker at the “Catholic University of the Sacred Heart” of Milan, the University of Palermo, the Academy of Fine Arts of Catania.

Alessandro Leone
Entrepreneur, graphics and web designer, UI designer and expert in designing the user experience for web and digital products.
Decades of experience in creative writing and live role-playing events management in Europe and Canada, events for which he holds the role of master and coordinator. He specializes in UI/UX design and actively participates in the interaction design of one of the largest sharing economy projects in Europe, for which he takes care of the flow analysis and management of the entire User Experience team.

Gianmarco Pinto
Global HR director for La Perla, a leading company in the world of fashion and luxury, HR manager for Pelliconi, the market leader in manufacturing. He has extensive international experience and studies. Expert of Psychometrics, creator of the scientific construct in support of the Skeym project, for whose Scientific Committee he is the organizer and main contact person.

Danilo Catalano
Game designer and developer.
Four years of experience in the video game industry, mainly as a freelancer, and three years of experience in other CS areas. His skills include game development, cloud computing, databases, and mobile.

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