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Doc Servizi was born to protect and valorize the work of professionals in the field of music, theater and arts, who have to face a complex law, a difficult management of their activities and an inadequate knowledge of the working principles of the field. Thanks to a specific Italian contract (contratto intermittente), Doc Servizi offers to uncharacteristic worker a concrete way to manage, regulate and supervise their work. Actually, Doc Servizi hires the artist who becomes an employee and then the cooperative take in charge all the bureaucracy connected with his activity. As employee the artist is entitled to all the protections of employees. In this way, Doc Servizi gives a concrete answer to the still actual plague of the illegal labour and the uncharacteristic work. Through Doc Servizi’s model, associates find a solution to their uncertain activities. Managing thousands of monthly statements of members’ activities can be realized only through a digital platform that manages the phases of work with great efficiency: 7,000 members services have to be transformed in salary. Our model is so effective that we created 3 new cooperatives only this year, with the aim to cover all the areas of art, culture and creativity. Today Doc Servizi has 7 companies (5 cooperatives) and cover all the figures of cultural and creative industries, communication and technological innovation.


  A11 (pav. 8) - DOC SERVIZI

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