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Lancillotto is a case for reed created to solve the instrumental problems of bassoonists.
The hand-made reed presents characteristics that make it unique if stored in the most appropriate way to avoid that atmospheric agents can affect its consistency.
Thanks to the use of Arduino and its modules, Lancillotto can control the internal environment intervening where the temperature does not meet the required standards.A ventilation and heating system makes available some values on the LCD that can be stabilized also manually.


Andrea Baldi

Andrea baldi was born in Canicattì in 1998 and lives in Sommatino, in the province of Caltanissetta, Italy.
In 2017 he took his degree at the “M.Rapisardi” Technical and Economic Institute where he obtained his diploma in Computer Technology with a specialization in Robotics and Electronics. His passion for music has brought him for nearly ten years to take part in the “S.Cecila” Music Band of Sommatino playing the clarinet and to continue his studies with the bassoon at the “V. Bellini ” Music Conservatory in Caltanissetta.
Both these passions have brought him to the project of a new case system for reeds, essential elements for the typical musical performances of the bassoonists.

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