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Pellet Extruder
Pellet Extruder

Pellet Extruder

The user of today wants to materialize all his ideas and projects anywhere and instantly, so 3d printing is the cornerstone. Now the plastic filament is the standard as consumable, but when it comes to large parts or series the cost to the pocket and the planet increases exponentially. Using our technology, users could print bigger, faster, cheaper, collect plastics, create, destroy and start over a million times at zero cost. We control the matter they use it

Pellet Extruder

Mahor Muñiz Cadenas

Born in Lugo (Spain) at 1985, graduated in product design by High School of Asturias at 2006, from over 10 years ago I have worked in industrial design studio, manufacturing engineering, 3d designer, CNC programer, technical data sheet, product live management.
At this time entrepreneur on a start up MAHOR.XYZ for Research & Development about digital fabrication and recycling resources.

  H20 (pav. 8) - Mahor Muñiz Cadenas

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