Exhibitors 2018



TIMEBOOM is a project developed for helping children to learn mathematics. We have created an application that links teaching and fun.

There are 2 different versions: a physical version and a 'virtual' version.
The physical version is a real toy that is made by a sponge ball and a container with an Arduino chip inside. It is designed and made by us.
The virtual version is a multiplatform mobile application. It can be used from mobile phones, desktop PCs and through the use of virtual reality headset.


Mario Cuomo e Francesca Leone

Mario Cuomo(21 years old) is a student of Computer Engineering at Roma Tre University in Rome and a young Unity3D developer. He likes so much experiment, discover new things and at the same time improve his knowledge.

Francesca Leone (21) studies editorial graphics at Accademia Delle Belle Arti' in Rome.
She likes to experiment in graphics, photography and video editing. Creativity and curiosity are never lacking for her!

  D29 (pav. 9)
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