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Tapigami - The Tape City
Tapigami - The Tape City

Tapigami - The Tape City

TAPIGAMI is a contemporary art form created by Sacramento artist, Danny Scheible.
Taking masking tape's versatile, accessible, and malleable nature, Danny used the unlikely material to create large-scale installations and create an accessible and interactive art form.

TAPIGAMI is designed to engage and educate artists of all ages by making with makers of all ages and making more makers make.
United States

Tapigami - The Tape City

Danny Scheible and Eben Burgoon

Danny Scheible
Sacramento artist Danny Scheible created
Tapigami as an art form over a decade ago,
making artwork out of masking tape and
sharing the process with everybody he meets
and everywhere he goes. His main expression
of Tapigami artwork—The Tape City—is an
ever-growing art installation that can reach
over 2,000 square feet with hundreds of
thousands of individual sculptures. The Tape
City has been a featured exhibit at The
California Museum, The Craft and Folk Art
Museum of Los Angeles, The Exploratorium
in San Francisco, and dozens of Maker Faire’s
in the United States, and in 2017, it expanded
internationally to Maker Faire’s in China and
Rome, as well as the grand opening of a
design museum in Shenzhen, China.

Eben Burgoon
A Tapigami wizard in his own way, Eben
Burgoon is a frequent fixture at Tapigami
installations since 2012 and often conducts
the on-site workshops. Eben worked with
Danny to create a simple logistical system
to enable Tapigami experiences globally.
He is also a beloved as he is bearded
independent comic book author in the
United States.

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