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Evoque Tunnel

Evoque Tunnel

EMOJ is the first spin-off of the Polytechnic University of Marche, leading innovation in Customer Experience Design and Management. It proposes a set of cutting-edge technologies of Emotional Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence to make the interactive spaces sensible and adaptive to the customer’s needs, preferences and mood and implement Omnichannel approaches mainly in Smart Retail. At the Maker Faire EMOJ will present for the first time the project titled the “Evoque Tunnel”, where most of out Smart technologies are embedded to create a space provided with cognitive and emotional intelligence.
Evoque is a fluid, osmotic and multi sensory space able to create an emotive and affective connection with the brand. It has the power to engage the visitor into an emphatic relationship with the brand through the interactive use of colours, lighting effects, sounds, perfumes and multimedia contents displayed on innovative screens that continuously change based on the user emotional state. Evoque realizes an experiential touchpoint for brand storytelling by combining tangible and physical elements with digital ones and by exploiting the potentialities of the multisensory stimulation to attract, capture and involve the customer in an emotional journey. The interactive tunnel is provided with a connective intelligence enabling omnichannel reactions to the visitor’s behaviours and emotions felt when he/she is inside, surf the digital contents, touch the objects, plays with all the elements. Neuroscience principles are here applied to create the engaging experience.
Most advanced technoligies for proximity analysis, behaviour and emotion recognition, artificial intelligence and digital signage are exploited to create a touchpoint that adapts itself to the customer journey. Evoque is modular and configurable to be installed within the stores, commercial galleries and food courts to increase brand visibility and prepare the customer to the shopping experience. In addition it is an innovation hub for fairs and exhibitions to launch new products. The base module is 1.5 x 1.2 x 2.7 m and is equipped with the overall set of EMOJ technologies for gaze detection, body movement and customer emotion recognition

Evoque Tunnel

Maura Mengoni, Luca Giraldi, Andrea Generosi

Maura Mengoni: Associate Professor in Industrial Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Marche, teaching courses in Virtual Prototyping, and Design Methods for Product Data Management. She is coordinator of a research team focusing activities on UX, Design for CX and x-Reality Technologies for Digital Cultural Heritage. She is responsible of the Virtual Reality Lab. She is author of more than 160 International publications and participated to more than 50 national and international research projects becoming in 2007 scientific advisor of the CO-ENV consortium, that carries out research on ICT, in 2010 Board Member of the Hyperlean Academic Spin-off, in 2016 President of the CH2 consortium (Creative Hub for Cultural Heritage). She has expertise in UX, User-Centered Design, Virtual Prototyping techniques and new interactive human-machine interfaces. Now she is president of EMOJ

Luca Giraldi: PhD student in Industrial Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Marche in the field of Customer Experience and visionary business man. He gained a Master Degree in Dynamic Management in 2014, one in Knowledge Management organized by FDR in 2005-2006, one in Marketing e Business Management at the University of Macerata. He is co-founder of Cherry Merry Lab, an innovative start-up providing solutions for E-marketing. He was consultant of Teddy Group from 2014 to 2016 for Customer Experience.
Role in EMOJ: Administrative and Financing Manager and Business Strategist.

Andrea Generosi: PhD student in Emotional Analytics at the Polytecnic University of Marche with an expertise in Shopping Analytics, Big Data, Machine Learning, Image Processing and Pattern Recognition. He worked at HP in Milan as developer of a BD Analysis platform. He is Technical Manager for Business Intelligence Platforms and Analytics dashboards in EMOJ

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