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Kusibot is a small educational robot designed as an inclusive pedagogical tool that also allows the interaction with the environment to those who have severe difficulties of physical control.
KusiBot obeys instructions through buttons, manipulation of tangible elements or through an external controller with Bluetooth communications, to which a push button or different types of sensors and accessories can be connected. It has a accessibility switch scan control type, without the need for an external display, which is produced in the robot's own luminous buttons. This way the attention is only fixed in KusiBot.
It has been included different operating modes, such as: immediate action, sequence storage, and collaborative modes to be used with more than one user at a time, giving orders for movement and manipulation of objects through an external push button in a completely autonomous, self-esteem and ability to control the environment.
The possible activities and routines of play are direct the robot on a grid, move objects from one place to another according to proposed goals.

Another control accessory is BRAIBOX , a box that allows to blinds kids enter commands to the robot by writing BRAILLE macro cells, individually manipulating the points, constituting an original way of writing tangible programming sequences.

As an Easter egg Braibox allows you to generate small musical melodies using Braille musicography.

Actions that Kusibot performs:
- Move forward.
- Turn to right.
- Turn to left.
- Move back.
- Load and releasing objects.
- Go forward until find an obstacle
- Wait if there's an object ahead
- Secuencial loops

Kusibot with scan- switch mode is being validated with the collaboration of staff and users with cerebral palsy of the association ASPACE-Seville and school NADIS - Sagrat Cor Sarrià Barcelona , and the Braibox system is being tested with blind children from the ONCE (National Organization of the Blind) delegation in Seville.


Singular Devices Maker Studio

Gerardo Barbarov Rostan - Luca Borsari - Ignacio Rodríguez Llinares

We are a maker team living in Seville, Spain, we are specialized in:

- Adaptative technology for handicaped
- Automata Mechanisms and Mechanical Toys
- Technology for magicians and Scape Room , Museums
- Interactive art installations
- Technology for non-conventional advertising

Contact: info@singulardevices.com

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