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Webiqu is a professional BBQ thermometer with a companion app for your Android or iOS smart phone.

Thanks to its WiFi connection allow you to monitor your pit from all the house without worrying of the low range of others technologies. But there is more, the cloud service allow you to monitor your pit also when you are temporarily away from your house. You can enjoy your life or make a trip to the grocery store while waiting for your cook to be ready.

It comes with maximum of six probes, a long life rechargable battery and WiFi connection. Six probes allow you to monitor the temperature of your BBQ or the Smoker along with multiple piece of meats at the same time.

Webiqu can be used also in open air when you don't have a internet/WiFi connection, in this case Webiqu can become an access point for your phone.

Thanks to the cloud services, you can subscribe to premium services that includes advanced features like predictive ETA of your cook, history, etc. The premium services includes also special offers from Webiqu commercial partners and access to the best meats store around the world.


antonio leone, domenico crupi, mario cuomo, francesca leone


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