Exhibitors 2018



Lighty is a portable laser beamer that rotates to 330 degrees and tilts to 90, so you can watch movies on the ceiling or anywhere around you.
The projector needs no focusing, since it is powered by laser light.
It also has two powerful, bass-enhanced speakers for a complete cinema-like watching experience.
It is made with a CNC from mahogany wood and aluminum. Certain internal parts are 3D-printed.
Lighty is gesture controlled: with its two pulsed laser sensors the projector tracks the user's hand for a seamless, hands-free operation.
You can also control the volume by gesturing a circle in front of it.


Ovidiu Sandru

Ovidiu is an expert-generalist geek with a big drive towards inventing new stuff and bringing it to the market.

  A7 (pav. 8)
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