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Shedu - the smarter gate
Shedu - the smarter gate

Shedu - the smarter gate

Shedu is a BLE box that makes your gates smart and gives you real control over whom and when can open your gates!
Some of the main features are:
- use smartphone iOS/Android to control the gate (open/close/stop/2 auxiliary NO contacts)
- no internet connection needed (to increase sense of security and system reliability)
- open/close the gate by proximity
- add an unlimited number of gates
- share personal gate key with your friends or family
- revoke shared key and block guest access
- share key for a limited time, a limited number of openings, a limited time of day
- OTA firmware upgrade

Shedu - the smarter gate

Sandro Salari

Sandro Salari:
I am an entrepreneur/engineer, who build products, a BLUE (tooth) product. Currently growing an amazing team for Embedo.
I'm specializes in the evolving world of connected product: building a smart-phone or IoT product requires knowledge of multiple systems, specifications, protocols, and operating systems. By understanding the whole system, I'm able to create products that are reliable and dependable.
In my experience as freelancer I helped my customers through the process of developing a connected product, native mobile application development, systems design ,component selection, firmware and back end software development, integration with a manufacturer.

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