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Thueris Automation

Thueris is an IoT Wi-Fi module, easy to integrate into new or existing electrical systems, near sockets and switches. The shape of Thueris modules allows you to insert them into blank plates of the main commercial standards, or in junction boxes. Lights, shutters, appliances, irrigation...almost any device can be connected to Wifi network through Thueris modules. The installation will be simple and transparent, without the need for bulky external adapters. These modules are open hardware, compatibile with Tasmota firmware and with many universal home automation apps.

Thueris Automation

Simone Tibollo

Born near Rome in 1989, as a child I had the passion for technology, electronics and computing. I grew up disassembling objects of all kinds and trying to create new things. I currently work in IT consulting and I am studying Electronics Engineering. My passion, after electronics, is photography.

  B4 (pav. 8) - Simone Tibollo

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