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Sistema Irrig_azione   -    IRRIG-ACTION
Sistema Irrig_azione   -    IRRIG-ACTION

Sistema Irrig_azione - IRRIG-ACTION

The project is aimed at creating innovation in the context of agricultural technology by providing an environmentally friendly, water-saving device which is useful to the fertirrigation of fields that supply products, above all maize. Although seeders and pipelayers are agricultural machinery already available on the market, we explored the possibility of combining a special mechanical seeder and a drip-irrigation pipelayer into a single device capable of sowing seeds and at the same time laying down a drip irrigation pipe onto the soil surface.

Sistema Irrig_azione   -    IRRIG-ACTION

Classe 3°A GAT - IIS Luigi Einaudi- Chiari

Let us introduce ourselves: we are a class of High School students, in the third year of I.I.S. EINAUDI 3°A GAT (Gestione Ambiente e Territorio, Land Management and Environment).
Both boys and girls share a passion for agriculture in all its forms and applications.
Our Project “IRRIG-ACTION” is inspired by our care for the Earth and enduring interest in innovation in the context of agricultural technology. It’s aimed at improving the productivity and quality of the soil by using environmentally-friendly resources.
The device we designed is the fruit of our deep passion and commitment, our persistence and the competence we developed thanks to our combined study/work experience. In fact, during our work-linked training which is part of our education we had the chance to observe thoroughly the sowing and fertigation processes in maize fields. This allowed us to invent a useful device taking into account the potential for water and energy savings.

  B16 (pav. 9) - IIS EINAUDI - Chiari (BS)

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