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campo de fiori rieti
campo de fiori rieti

campo de fiori rieti

I have a mini lab, in a marked box of Rieti, near the medieval walls of the city, I promote the ancient art of creative sewing and realize accessories and furnishings for the person, completely by hand and using recycled materials. to realize such projects of creativity I have available sewing machines of the latest generation, I have 3 hydroponic greenhouses that produce aromatic herbs that I sell in unique containers made by me. I personalize through complex or simpler embroideries, products brought by the customer. In short, Campo de Fiori Rieti is a creative sew garden.

campo de fiori rieti

cristiana luisa marconcini , teresa audino

cristiana luisa marconcini: born in naples on 26.02.1960, she has been living in Rieti for about 10 years, she has a mini lab where she exhibits and sells her creations of creative recycling and original and unique flower arrangements and creates with any material, for her the materials in have never end there is always a second chance, his credo "the best seas are those that we have not yet sailed", convinced ecologist has 3 hydroponic greenhouses from which he obtains vegetables all year round. ceramics, decoupage, restoration, and now creative sewing and much recycling.
Teresa audino born in rome 09.09.1957, lives in Rieti, known because they love to create and recycle, actively collaborates with many local associations, creates and creates all the sets and costumes of the various shows of the association "with wings at the feet" , known and competent school of dance of the territory. creative head of the lab of the parish of vazia. his creations are present in the most exclusive residences of the city of Rieti.

  B11 (pav. 6) - cristiana luisa marconcini , teresa audino

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