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Realtà Virtuale Immersiva ed Interattiva per una didattica innovativa

The project proposed aims to recreate a virtual environment where to show confectionary products realized by 3D modeling and photogrammetry that make them phot-real digital images. In the environment it is possible to interact with the various products to pick them in hand to analyze nearby them from up or to ask for multilingual explanations, video or images.
By means of 3D viewers a realistic environment of the temple of Segesta is proposed, inside it some display cases the local typical products (cassatelle, cannoli, arancini) will be displayed.
Another possibility is to use the Viewer Microsoft Hololens that recognizes the confectionary products and shows supplementary information in the real environment.


Realtà Virtuale Immersiva ed Interattiva per una didattica innovativa

Istituto Tecnico Economico e Tecnologico "Girolamo Caruso" Alcamo

The group, composed by students different for classes, specialization and grade (third, fourth and fifth year), coordinated by a teacher as a referent of the so-called learning and working, has analyzed, projected and implemented the project of Virtual Reality applied to the cultural goods, the catering industry and the tourist services in general. This product can be used by means of 3D viewers that recreate real or virtual issues.
This team, still under the coordination of the referent teachers, has put into practice a variety of didactic methodologies in digital version, and has developed in a tangible manner transversal skill (soft skills) as witnessed by the realized deliverables.
Only to quote some applied methodologies:
Role playing (they determined inside the group the closer role to their potentialities from the leader to the referent of communication).
Cooperative learning (they enabled mechanisms of cooperation that allowed them to share their tasks I n order to achieve the maximum result with the smaller possible effort.)
Brain storming (they were able to generate creative ideas and independently selected the achievable deliverables)
Problem solving they were able to solve complex problems also cooperating with structures external to the group)
Tutoring (the students of the fifth year helped the students of the third and fourth year to fill the gaps of competences)

  A13 (pav. 9) - ITET Girolamo Caruso - Alcamo (TP)

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