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Guitarrino is a optical to midi converter for any guitar.
It is composed by six infrared optical transistor linked to an Arduino Board.

Each sensor reads the oscillations of the string , Arduino convert this information first into a frequence and finally into a note.

This note will be passed into a MIDI channel to a virtual instrument or Workstation or to a traditional musical keyboard to produce any kind of sound.

In that way your guitar can play any sound you want for example Violin, flute and why not... Grand piano.

Daniele Leandri

I was born in 1975 in Rome.
My love for electronics and Informatics starts when I was 10 but I started to be a maker just 6 years ago, after my studies in Design at Sapienza Univeristy of Rome, when I met Arduino.
From that moment, I started to create protoripes, games and electronic musical instruments.

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