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Ergo Creo

Ergo Creo

Ergo Creo is a web based co-design and communication platform, it allows professional 3D Experts to handle projects with their clients, real-time in a user friendly manner. Taking a conceptual design from idea to physical prototype in a fast and efficient way, has been our goal since day one. The flexible nature of Ergo Creo 3D Interface (portable, accessible from any device, no plug-in needed ,seamless integration with all 3D Modelling software solutions and on-line synchronised 3D Viewer) has raised strong interest in diverse application fields, each of these requiring sector-specific visualization, communication and interaction tools. Our mission is to promote projects shared between 3D Experts and non-technical profiles. We are enabling a vast audience to digital fabrication technologies, boosting communities of freelancer talents, inventors, start-up, spin-off and innovative companies.


Ergo Creo


PIERLUIGI DI GIOVANNI, CO-FOUNDER. A deep knowledge of 3D printing technologies combined with web development skills.
MARCO MARTINELLI, CO-FONDATORE. A strong expertise in the development of mobile and web-based applications. New challenges represent for him a great opportunity to build striking IT solutions.

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