Exhibitors 2018

T1N4 per gli amici TINA

T1N4 ia a humanoid robot has netbook as a brain, three Arduino to read sensors and control motors (with motor shields) two webcams to see the world and in future use 3d recognition. Netbook works with webcam and call google cloud to recognize object to talk and to listen. The IA can play at game as Hangman with autolearning new words( verify if the world exist)

T1N4 per gli amici TINA


Aurat Team (add a robot to the table) was born in 2015 when our istitute organize Robocup Junior. Our group is composed by students of information technology and sometimes students of other specializations. The passion of this guys bring them to won many awards, one of this is the Robocup Junior World Award

  C14 (pav. 9) - ISIS C. Facchinetti - Castellanza (VA)

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