Exhibitors 2018



SmartPaper is an innovative product/ object that combines the technology with the respect of the environment.
It is a small disk made of recycled paper decorated by enamel and scented with a NFC chip inside. When two NFC devices are put together within a radius of 4 cm, a peer-to-peer network is created between the two and both can send and receive information.
It can be realized directly by an integrated chip.
The chip, once programmed, can perform various and different functions, from a simple greeting
message, even secret, that leaves no trace on the receiver's phone, to the activation of applications in case of emergency.



3AI e 3BC I.T.T.S. "Volta" Perugia

We are a team composed of students attending the Chemistry and Computer Science courses at ITTS "A. Volta" in Perugia. We have decided to put together our knowledge and skills so to realize a creative, useful and innovative product . Our motto is " union makes us strong"!

  C17 (pav. 9)
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