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Drone Automatico

Drone Automatico

The goal is to build an automatic drone, both in flight and recharge, able to scare birds away, preventing them to get used to the it. The solution will be a game changer in the agricultural field, since the farmer will spare precious time and also money adopting this solution.
Through a Smart Web Application it is possible to set the waypoints the drone has to follow. This is all what the farmer has to do. After receiving the coordinates of the points, the drone will fly autonomously through them. When it will run out of battery, the drone will return to its base station and will start the recharge phase, this action is performed without any human interaction. Once recharged, the drone it is ready to take off and start the mission again.
To scare the birds away, we mounted on the drone an acoustic loudspeaker able to reproduce falcon like (and also other) screams. The sound emitted by the drone will change over time (randomization) to prevent birds get used to it. Moreover, also the order of the waypoints will be followed in random (intelligent) way, this for the same problem mentioned above.
The drone is able to cover 10 hectares with a single charge. To cover the same area, the other current solutions are equally costly, but less effective (cannons) or way more expensive (nets).


Drone Automatico


FlyingScarecrows' project started during The Start-up Lab (SUL) experience, a hands-on interdepartmental Lab on Innovation and Entrepreneurship offered by University of Trento in collaboration with CLab Trento and HIT-Hub Innovazione Trentino, where Giorgio, Sofia, Marco and Andrea (IT engineers students) met Egle and Nicoletta (Business students). For four months the team has worked on the creation, validation, and implementation of a business idea: a drone for the agricultural field which has the aim to prevent and solve the problem of birds' attacks, that generally damage harvest. At the end of The SUL, FlyingScarecrows won the final competition (first up to 21 teams) and in August (19-26) they will represent the University of Trento at the Virginia Tech KnowledgeWorks, the Global Students Entrepreneurship Challenge!

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