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Patients who have acute respiratory failure can benefit from using a treatment, called Home Mechanical Ventilation. Current telemedicine systems usually do not allow continuous monitoring and, typically, monitor only some breaths during the whole day (sample monitoring), but patient’s physical condition may vary very strongly during the day. In order to reduce these drawbacks, the MyVenus has been developed! It is a new telemedicine system allowing the continuous and real-time monitoring of the main physical quantities involved during home mechanical ventilation. MyVenus is available for licensing.


Biomedical Lab srl

Biomedical Lab s.r.l. is a company which design and develop medical devices for people’s health. Two main projects are being developed: the PD-Watch, which is a “watch” for patients with Parkinson's disease, and MyVenus, a telemedicine system for home mechanical ventilation. We are based in Italy, Basilicata, in the province of Potenza.

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