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Motorizzazione per esoscheletro personalizzato

Motorizzazione per esoscheletro personalizzato

In full respect of the kinematics of the lower limb, the project aims to motorize a customized exoskeleton by means of a CT examination, with the creation of a motorized system that reproduces the physiological motion of the knee.
This articulation, in fact, has a roto-translatory motion whose rotation axis varies according to the degree of flexion between thigh and leg properly so called. After tracing this axis through three-dimensional processing, it is possible to trace the rotation axes of the hip and ankle

Motorizzazione per esoscheletro personalizzato

Giancarlo Pellis, Stefano Gustin

Giancarlo Pellis born in Gorizia on 16.09.1953. mechanical expert and professor in physical education. He has developed various projects in the field of movement and in particular of biomechanics. Holder of some patents on the movement of the knee and on postural balance devices

Stefano Gustin born in trieste 14/08/1965, graduated ITIS A. Volta of Trieste, works with the main fixed and mobile telephony operators since 1986. In 2002 he founded Microsum and develops several projects of electronics in the scientific and telecontrol field. Robotics enthusiast realizes some anthropomorphic robots last of which RG3 "http://www.microsum.it/robot_rg3_5"

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