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Vestito smart
Vestito smart

Vestito smart

"Vestito smart" is an interactive dress that can change shape, opening up like a flower on demand of the wearer or of people watching, in fact both the model and the audience can have the dress blooming in front of their eyes, as it is equipped with an integrated touch control, or through a remote app.
The tailoring part of the dress is made up of a base with overlapping layers, a handmade decoration and removable green fabric leaves.
The microcontroller is incorporated into the dress, while the electromagnets that support the leaves are controlled by SHFELEL MOSFET actuators, positioned at the height of the neck, and masked by satin flowers.

Vestito smart

Gruppo di lavoro "Vestito smart"

The "Vestito smart" working group was set up within a larger project, called "We work inclusively", which has been active for some years in the creation of several technical-practical projects which involved students with special needs in their making. The students, subdivided into micro work groups and supported by classmates and teachers, were to create a project prototype.

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