Exhibitors 2018


The project consists of a system that monitors the amount of ultraviolet rays that affect a person, particularly when he is wearing a beach costume. The information is transmitted on a tiny monitor Oled resting on the lens of a pair of glasses so as to completely free the hands of the person wearing this costume and to avoid carrying any other device.



FabLab - I.I.S. "Algeri Marino" Casoli (CH)

The working group is that of “FabLab Algieri Marino” of Casoli who has been developing innovative ideas in many sectors for 5 years. Our projects have been selected twice in the European Researchers' Night 2016 and 2017; we arrived among the 4 best schools for Erasmus +; we won the 5th place in the Olympics of the 2017 automation; we are qualified for the national Robotics 2018 competitions; we won the 3rd place in the PNSD 2018. We also organized dozens of seminars and in particular the last one on the occasion of the European Maker Week entitled: "The engineering that will come".

  C19 (pav. 9) - IIS Algeri Marino - Casoli (CH)

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