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Il ristorante di carta
Il ristorante di carta

Il ristorante di carta

The children's project-game provides implementation instructions and allows you to access by QR-code the contents to cut out and paste, to play with the card and create a real restaurant, where you can prepare first, second courses, desserts like a real chef. Children learn the secrets of Italian and international cuisine, have the feeling of cooking really and can play together and with adults. The proposed activities stimulate fine dexterity and creativity. A book of creative activities with e-book paper is an innovative idea that can be widely used in Italy and abroad.

Il ristorante di carta

Roberta Paolini e GoWare Edizioni

Roberta Paolini: for years I have been involved in social, environmental and cultural planning as a consultant for non-profit organizations and research institutes.
Environmental engineer and social geographer, I love project activity books for children.
GoWare is a startup of authors, editors and developers who share the vision of the future of new technologies and the passion for publishing. Collecting, selecting and organizing contents to make available to touch is the daily challenge of goWare, as digital publishing house.

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