Exhibitors 2018

Secure Shelter

The project aims to create a web platform capable of collecting data from historical and private buildings and analyzing such data to identify anomalies in the structural behavior of the building, classifying the anomaly according to type and severity, producing alerts in case of a deterioration of the structure. The web platform will serve as a container of sensor's data and anomalies, will allow users to view the buildings on the map in order both to manage a maintenance process and to facilitate a process of promotion to the citizen / tourist.

Secure Shelter


Weedea is a multidisciplinary and constantly evolving reality that works by combining technical skills with creativity and innovation.
We offer innovative solutions that create real value for people, inside and outside the digital world.
We believe that technology, as a tool, aims to pursue collective well-being by improving social conditions through integrated projects. We believe in projects with a social utility that can self-sustain themselves economically and create sustainable development for collective growth.
Whether they are products or services, individuals, companies, start-ups or organizations, our work ethic favors all those people who, like us, see the digital way for integrated, useful and multidisciplinary progress.

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