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Scuderia Tor Vergata
Scuderia Tor Vergata

Scuderia Tor Vergata

Scuderia Tor Vergata is university team participating in Formula Student, a championship that allows students to compete in motorsport, developing, building and marketing a race car. The team started a two-year project, that will lead to a new vehicle, with a new design, to participate in 2019 events. STV 6.0 started from the study of the fundamentals of vehicle dynamics to understand what are the major features that influence the car’s behavior, the go further analyzing STV 5.0 project to establish what are the strength and the weakness and define the major features of the new project.

Scuderia Tor Vergata

Carmanini Fabrizio, Cesari Marco, Dal Borgo Filippo Maria, De Vita Stefano, Festa Alfonso , Frezza Davide, Lamparelli Flavio, Lecce Antonio, Maiorano Giorgio, Pescosolido Lorenzo, Petroni Gabriele, Silicani Francesco, Stirpe Nico

STV was born in 2012, in these four years we built 5 cars and
we partecipated five times to Formula SAE Italy, for three times to Formula Student Germany and once to Formula Student Czech.

  A1 (pav. 5) - Università degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata"

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