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Rack Farm
Rack Farm

Rack Farm

Our idea is to create a vertical, monitored and controlled greenhouse, which is the size of a "locker", to be placed inside the houses to get fresh vegetables.

It will be possible to control the greenhouse remotely, managing the microclimate and monitoring the growth of the plant through an app for mobile, and locally with the manipulation of the panel near the LCD monitor.

We expect short growth cycles, from a minimum of 1 week to a maximum of 4 weeks for collection, this solution can meet different needs, not just domestic.

They could use our solution:

Restorative activities and fast food to have always fresh products available to customers

Agricultural activity for the multiplication of plants through vegetative material and not by seed, to shorten the cultivation times and make a genetic selection based on the starting material.

Nurseries and garden center

Agrarian Institutes, Universities and Research Centers

The vertical farm that we will bring to the maker Faire will be able to grow and manage different products such as:

Vegetable plants
Strawberry, radish, lettuce, chard

Edible flowers
Caledula, Tagete, Nastruzio

Basil, Rosemary, Sage

Rack Farm

Digitaleria: Tommaso Spagnoli Lino Di Crescenzo

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