Exhibitors 2018

IoTb: 'Internet of the bike'

The project presented is a smart cycling helmet which is able to understand when and where the biker wants to turn, and consequently to switch on leds applied on the helmet or on the cyclist jacket, in order to show to the car drivers what is the directions of the cyclist. Thanks to this wearables’ solution, bikers will be more visible by the others drivers. The prototype of the helmet is based on the open-source platform ‘Arduino’ and it is being realized with the 3D printing technology.

IoTb: 'Internet of the bike'

Alessandro Massari

My name is Alessandro Massari and I’m from Rome. I’ve just finished the high school and now I’m going to attend the university. I started to work with Arduino and other electronic platforms such as Raspberry. I have realized, with some schoolmates, a robotic project in our school, which consisted in two autonomous football player robots. In order to finance our project, we began a successful (we have reached the 151% of the income we needed) crowdfunding campaign. With this project we have joint many technologic competions and faires, such as the Robotic Olympic games in Milan and the Romecup. In my free time I use to applicate IoT and domotic solutions to daily life, for instance I’m developing a smart cycling helmet because of my passion for cycling. Furthermore I stay tuned with the technology progress and scientific discoveries reading technology magazines, publications of research institutes and following meetings and workshops organised by Universities and institutions. I love also to ride my bike and to go trekking with friends.

  C3 (pav. 4) - Alessandro Massari

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