Exhibitors 2018

MIx Tap

The prototype was made partly with a 3D printer and partly with laser cutting. A smartphone application allows a Bluetooth connection to choose the song to be mixed, start the game, view the partial score and the general classification.
While playing the song the different keys light up randomly, the goal is to press the "on" button as soon as possible, however before it goes out.

MIx Tap

Classe IVEA, I.I.S " C. Rosatelli" di Rieti, studenti: Amine Ahardane e Greco Lorenzo

The group is composed of two professors and two students.
The professors teach electronics, automated systems and informatics; the students study automated systems at the thecnical institute.

  C13 (pav. 9) - IIS C. Rosatelli - Rieti

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