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RECO2 is an innovative green startup offering products and solutions for bio-building. Inspired by virtuous circular economy models, we give new value to recycled and/or secondary raw materials without weigh on our environment. Thanks to our both revolutionary and simple production process, we are able to realize a wide range of eco-friendly materials to be used either as thermoacoustic insulators or external paving, thus drastically reducing both energy and water consumption and CO2 emissions. Think circular!



Our idea of innovation came to our minds about a year ago. We were travelling and, suddenly, a terrific picture showed itself to us: an illegal dumping of old burnt tyres. Since then, we decided to do concretely something to preserve our beautiful environment. Our actual concept of company vision, however, has been formulated slowly and after facing many serious issues. Anyway, thanks to our strong determination and our youthful enthusiasm, we shaped it into its present form: being forerunners of an entirely new way of circular thinking.
We started our startupper experience by participating to Fondazione Bracco’s bootstrap “Start to be circular”; after that event, everything has changed. We have been chosen to be part of “The startup training”, an incubation program of Luigi Bocconi University lasted 6 months that gave us a lot of useful tools to apply the so called lean method, a scientific way to successfully begin an entrepreneurship. Meanwhile, thanks to our co-founder & CTO and his stubbornness, we optimized our revolutionary low-temperature production process that, actually, allow us to realize our products by drastically lower both water and energy consumption and CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. For this reason, we are now patenting our RECO2 activation process to be ready to seriously hit the market by the end of 2019. Actually, thanks to a precious collaboration with a euro-project manager believing in us, we are also participating to several European Calls focused on bio-building materials, circular economy and climate challenges.
Finally, we can also claim two prestigious awards obtained at the “Rome Startup Week” and at the “Myllennium Award”, along with several partnerships with local stakeholders and structured companies.
We are four people who share a common ideal of sustainability, willing to really change our world: Think Circular!

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