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Smart House for Blind
Smart House for Blind

Smart House for Blind

The project "smart house for blind and low vision people" is finalized to realize a Smart House with an automation device created to do more easy life in home automation enviroment for blind or low vision people. The home automationsystem realized is able to receive vocal information, through Smartphone, about enviroment data state, received from sensor's system installed inside every room of the house. The smartphone, used as a control panel, is able to send commands through vocal interface to realize the actions in the room , useful to easy the life of the blind or low vision people . Infact with this system it's possible to manage the safety and the confort of the house expecially for that people but also for the relatives and the sanitary operators.
The system is composed by six functional modules:
- C.d.C : Control central device
- D.L. : data logger for every room to envolve
- Sensors end
- Interface modules
- Intercomunication devices
- The Smartphone

The C.d.C. is based on PC o Raspberry PI3 and is enabled to manage the interaction on devices and the interfaces connected at dataloggers , based on STM32 ( Nucleo F401RE card) platform. The D.L. the enviroment data detected captures and sends to the Smartphone : the user with smartphone , equipped with Android Talk Back and Api Google Speech tecnology, consequently can decide what action to do in the room (example : to open the blinds , to activate the electric switch , to activate the light,etc..).
The C.d.C., furthermore ,manages the data collection received from th D.L. , saving them in a local server Apache (using an PHP interpreter) . The comunication network used id based on wi-fi connection , but is provided also backup Bluetooth tecnology to control every data logger in crash situation as support to the low vision user.

Smart House for Blind

Gruppo progetto SHFB I.I.S "G. Marconi" Nocera Inferiore (SA)

The project has developed using a school path of project based learning, working on open classrooms to envolve students of different classes and specializzations to upgrade interdisciplinarity and to improve working group ability of thr students.

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