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The project is a smart stereo, based on Volumio, an Open Source Linux Distribution (with some customizations). The features in the current release are: play music from USB (FLAC, Mp3, DSD etc), Web Radio, Spotify and Spotify Connect. The hardware includes the Raspberry Pi 3B, a HiFi DAC, a class D amplifier, a 5 "touch display and two rotary encoders. Still under development the addition of a cd player and the implementation of Google Assistant. The aim of the project is to make professional technology and audio quality accessible to everyone.


Lorenzo De Luca with FabLab Belluno

Lorenzo De Luca is a student of Electronics of the ITI "G.Segato" in Belluno, always fascinated by the world of technology, making and DIY.
Together with about twenty other creators, he founded the association FabLab Dolomiti, the network of which FabLab Belluno is a member. After some experiences of competitions and contests, it is now a fabber specialized in Arduino programming and in the integration of Raspberry Pi in IoT devices.
He is also a Laser cutting expert and holds seminars on Arduino programming for young people.

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