Exhibitors 2018



Light It Up! is a project that contains a capsule collection of accessories, from bags to wallets, which use two different technologies:
in each element we find a writing tablet, placed in strategic points of the object on which it is possible to write notes and appointments;
in the perimeter of the bags there is an optical fiber to illuminate the profile of the bags and make them effect.


Alessandra Perlino, Andrea Previati, Manuel Righi, Serena Taglioli

Our team is composed by two fashion designers leading DressCoders, a maker software developer and the CEO of Mobimenutm.
We met in Maker Faire Rome 2016 and since then we're working together to create new fashion wearable technology products.
Our start was concentrated about the applications of LEDs on the fabrics of garment, like our partecipation of the latest Maker Faire Rome 2017.

  C4 (pav. 8)
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